NCSC&DoD Rainbow series

Last Updated on 24 Jan. 2013, Total: 32 White Papers

  1. NCSC-TG-004: Teal Green book

    Glossary of Computer Security Terms... Read More

  2. CSC-STD-001-83: Orange book

    DoD Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria... Read More

  3. NCSC-TG-026: Hot Peach book

    A Guide to Writing the Security Features User's Guide for Trusted Systems... Read More

  4. NCSC-TG-029: Blue book

    Introduction to Certification and Accreditation Concepts... Read More

  5. NCSC-TG-028: Violet book

    Assessing Controlled Access Protection... Read More

  6. NCSC-TG-027: Turquiose book

    A Guide to Understanding Information System Security Officer Responsibilities for Automated Information Systems... Read More

  7. NCSC-TG-030: Light Pink book

    A Guide to Understanding Covert Channel Analysis of Trusted Systems... Read More

  8. NCSC-TG-023: Bright Orange book

    A Guide to Understanding Security Testing and Test Documentation in Trusted Systems... Read More

  9. CSC-STD-002-85: Green book

    DoD Password Management Guideline... Read More

  10. NCSC-TG-022: Yellow book

    A Guide to Understanding Trusted Recovery in Trusted Syst... Read More