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10 Internet Security Policy
  1. Data Security Standard and Payment Application Data Security Standard

    Version 3.0 Change Highlights... Read More

  2. 10 Mobile Security Requirements for the BYOD Enterprise Whitepaper

    Read this whitepaper to learn the security requirements you need to look for to address BYOD in your enterprise... Read More

  3. PCI DSS made easy

    Addressing the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)... Read More

  4. The Regulatory Compliance Planning Guide

    IT professionals who must ensure regulatory compliance for the IT systems of the organizations in which they work can be in a difficult position. To help address these needs, Microsoft has created the Regulatory Compliance Planning Guide. The guide is designed to help IT professionals and others interested in regulatory compliance in a number of ways... Read More

  5. Strengthen Security with an Effective Security Awareness Program

    You can have everything in your Security Arsenal perfect. Your team is ready, but is everyone else prepared? This article will help insure you have everyone aware and helping you maintain the security you have worked hard to achieve... Read More

  6. Applying the Principle of Least Privilege to User Accounts on Windows XP

    This document discusses the issues and concerns that organizations may face when they apply the LUA approach to computers that run Microsoft Windows XP. This paper also describes the high-level issues that affect implementation of the LUA approach and provides useful links to other online resources that explain these concepts in more detail... Read More

  7. Assessing Your Security: Advice on Assessing your IT Security Posture

    Most people will agree that Information Technology (IT) is changing or altering business processes and work environments at a dizzying pace. Unfortunately for those responsible for maintaining the security posture of these processes and environments, security changes faster... Read More

  8. The Shortcut Guide to Network Compliance – Chapter 4 - Network Compliance Best Practices and Methodologies

    By managing compliance requirements as you would any other type of business policy, and by implementing tools that can automate compliance and configuration management, maintaining a compliant network can be straightforward. Another way to simplify compliance management is to implement best practices and sound methodologies for managing your network, which is what this chapter is all about... Read More

  9. The Shortcut Guide to Network Compliance – Chapter 1 – Understanding IT Compliance

    This guide explores the underlying meaning of IT compliance, apart from all the hype and publicity. It will explain how the IT industry has been handling compliance for decades, and how new technologies and techniques can help you better handle compliance moving forward. To prove that compliance has always been with us, we’ll focus on an often-overlooked area of IT—the... Read More

  10. Practical Guide to Compliance Security & Risk – Part 1 – Assuring Compliance

    In today’s integrated, regulated, litigated environment, it is necessary to provide assurance to customers, business partners, regulators, and sometimes even the courts that you have done your due diligence in securing your IT infrastructure. New and updated United States laws are increasingly making corporate management responsible for ensuring compliance, as companies face substantial fines and penalties for not doing so... Read More