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36 Maximum Security
25 The IT Security Cookbook
  1. Old Threats Never Die

    New threats come and go, but as many of us know new threats are often based on old threats! New strains are developed, yet old versions still create problems and noise on the Internet long after the intial threat and media hype has diminished. Unpatched machines still flourish on the Internet... Read More

  2. XMorphic Exploitation

    Traditional exploitations are not all that hard to stop due to the defineable pattern or signature that can be identified. But what about code that dynamically changes or morphs to avoid detection engines?... Read More

  3. Kerry's tips on getting a CCNA II

    This article by Kerry Thompson CCNA, CISSP helps provide some helpful information for people studying for their Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification... Read More

  4. Information Security Educational Resources

    This paper by M.E. Kabay, PhD, CISSP a man with years and years of experience, is a great resource for finding educational information to further your studies in the demanding field of information security. With the growing visibility of information security in today’s hacker-beset e-commerce world, many people are becoming interested in careers as information security specialists. All indications are... Read More

  5. Analysis of a Suspicious Program

    We should always think twice before running an unknown program downloaded from the Internet. Of course not every application is dangerous, but it's all too easy to find a malicious program which will exploit our naivety - and that could cost us dearly. Let's see how we can analyse the behaviour of an unknown program before we run it... Read More

  6. Hacked: Who Else Is Using Your Computer?

    This article brings to light how people tend to be complacent with their computers and not understand the little things they have overlooked that have left themselves open to others on the Internet. Chat programs today are used by millions, and yet they offer an avenue of capability to someone wanting to do harm... Read More

  7. Federal Government Incident Response Team (IRT)

    This document examines the basic questions that must be addressed, when implementing an Incident Response Team (IRT), within an organization. It does not attempt to undertake an in-depth analysis of the requirements of an IRT, but provides a basic outline for such a team’s organization and functions. This document can be used to better understand the duties and responsibilities of... Read More

  8. Maximum Security - Chapter 18 - Novell

  9. Email Bombing and Spamming

    How to detect and prevent it... Read More

  10. Types of Ehernet cards

    Sometimes I want to define card manufacturer by MAC-address... Read More