Intrusion Detection

Last Updated on 24 Jan. 2013, Total: 26 White Papers

  1. Investigating an Attempted Intrusion

    This text file is for a server administrator to be able to determain whether or not there is an attempted break-in or intruder, and what the approproate steps are... Read More

  2. Comprehensive Computer Network Security Assessment

    A short white paper... Read More

  3. FAQ: Network Intrusion Detection Systems

    Not so many info as in previous, but somethig interesting here too... Read More

  4. Immediate intrusion detection: Catching hackers red-handed on your web server!

    This white paper focuses on several steps - how administrators can set up their web servers (NT) successfully and safely... Read More

  5. Intrusion Detection within a Secured Network

    Some IDSes described... Read More

  6. Intrusion Detection: Challenges and Myths

    Theory mostly. For the CS Department head... Read More

  7. Interpreting Network Traffic: A Network Intrusion Detector's Look at Suspicious Events.

    Detailed description with examples... Read More

  8. Intrusion Detection

    How to build and implement a simple intrusion detection system using TCP Wrappers and other tools... Read More

  9. Insertion, Evasion, and Denial of Service: Eluding Network Intrusion Detection

    Imperfections of knows ID Systems... Read More

  10. OKENA Brews Up a StormSystem that Secures All Applications

    (SecurityWire) OKENA's announcement of their product line StormSystem indicates that they intend to grow and expand their innovative intrusion prevention system with highly integrated new add-ons. Having seen unprecedented success in obtaining funding and customers in one of the worst economies ever, Relevant Technologies expects OKENA to be a leading contender in an intrusion management market that has yet to... Read More