Information Warfare

Last Updated on 19 July 2013, Total: 14 White Papers

  1. Video On How To Hack A PC

    This paper by Darren Miller reviews a new video describing the "Anatomy of a Hack" and methods to thwart the hack. Some might consider this video controversial or "self serving" marketing information... Read More

  2. The Role of Modeling and Simulation in Information Security

    There is a spate of papers and tools on using Modeling and Simulation (M&S) for testing Denial of Service - (DoS), virus and worm (Propagation, attacks) against computer networks, but this is not the whole story, there are no explicit M&S tools for testing computer/network security and network attack modeling. In other words, it seems that Computer Simulation was studied... Read More

  3. Inferring Internet Denial-of-Service Activity

  4. Information Security: Many NASA Missions-Critical Systems Face Serious Risks

  5. Critical Infrastructure Protection: Comprehensive Strategy Can Draw on Year 2000 Experiences

  6. DOD Information Security: Serious Weaknesses Continue To Place Defense

  7. Information Security: Serious Weaknesses Place Critical Federal Operations and Assets at Risk

  8. The Heads and Tails of Information

  9. The InfoCorps: A Unique Proposal For A Unique Mission

  10. The Maginot Line of Information Security