Auth. & Access Control

Last Updated on 19 July 2013, Total: 60 White Papers

  1. Whole disk encryption is a must for mobile computers and devices

    As more and more employee's use laptops, the chance for information loss increases. Many companies are looking to protect their data assets, and whole disk encryption is becoming more popular... Read More

  2. Testing Password Safety

    Proactive is always better than reactive, especially when trying to secure a corporate network. Learn more about the weaknesses in password security, and how you can audit your network to improve your security level... Read More

  3. Recipe for Mobile Data Security

    The concerns regarding protection of mobile data. Read further to get some helpful insight into protection of the data your laptops contain... Read More

  4. 5 Key Steps to Defining Your Application-Access Control

    This article defines 5 key steps in defining good access control processes... Read More

  5. How to Improve Business Results through Secure Single Sign-on to SAP

    How to improve your company’s business results by improving user and IT productivity, and by avoiding this specific IT security risk within your SAP environment... Read More

  6. Protecting Digital Assets: Full Disk Encryption White Paper

    Full Disk Encryption (FDE) is the safest way to protect digital assets. By encrypting the entire hard drive, data is completely protected without requiring any user interaction, thereby increasing productivity and eliminating user error... Read More

  7. The Role of Encryption in Document DRM

    Document DRM (dDRM) involves controlling both access to and use of (through digital rights restrictions) the content of documents... Read More

  8. Getting to Secure Internet Identity Management

    Microsoft's planned integration of CardSpace with the OpenID project... Read More

  9. Document DRM: Replacing Encryption as the Standard for Document Protection

    In this article, it is argued that dDRM has rendered traditional encryption, as a method for protecting information in documents, obsolete and that dDRM will become the new standard for protecting electronic documents in general... Read More

  10. Choosing an Enterprise Rights Management System: Architectural Approaches

    Enterprise rights management systems (ERM) attempt to combat data leakage by going a step beyond encryption and adding controls to the use of the content of a document. However, the way that an ERM system approaches this task is vital in retaining the fluid communication characteristic of electronic documents... Read More