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Last Updated on 19 July 2013, Total: 12 White Papers

  1. Why One Virus Engine is Not Enough

    Multiple virus engines are needed to reduce time lag between virus outbreak and signature update... Read More

  2. Avoiding The Auto Dialer Virus

    This article provides some thoughts and helpful tips on avoiding being scammed for hundreds or even thousands of dollars by "auto-dialers". Sometimes even experienced computer users can be caught off guard by this scam... Read More

  3. Remote user security: Your IT's Achilles heel?

    Remote working has radically altered employment practices within the new economy, but the benefits (such as employee flexibility and increased productivity) need to be balanced against the problems of managing teleworkers. In particular, companies need to make sure that remote PCs remain properly protected against computer viruses and other security exposures... Read More

  4. Windows Scripting Host - disabling .VBS association

    Windows Scripting Host (WSH) is a part of some of Microsoft's 32 bits operating systems, or is installed when certain Microsoft programs are installed. WSH may be used to run Visual Basic Scripts (VBS) to automate some actions which are to be performed frequently, and could thus be a useful tool. However - WSH are also used by some virus... Read More

  5. Why anti-virus software is not enough: The urgent need for server-based email content checking

    This white paper explains why anti-virus software alone is not enough to protect your organization against the current and future onslaught of computer viruses. Examining the different kinds of email attacks that threaten today’s organizations, this paper describes the need for a solid server-based content-checking solution to safeguard your business against email viruses and attacks... Read More

  6. Sandbox II : Worms and Viruses

    Last year I presented how a simulated computer, which is integrated inside the scanner engine, can detect viruses based on actual performance. I demonstrated regular file replication for regular Win32 PE infectors. However, regular file replicating viruses do not pose the biggest threat – worms and viruses spreading through the Internet do. I will demonstrate how detection of these critters... Read More

  7. Anti Virus Software: Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro, or Hauri?

    In this paper four of the leading antivirus software solutions are tested side by side in order to determine which one provides the best overall protection... Read More

  8. The Norman Book on Computer Viruses

    The Norman Book on computer viruses covers all aspects of modern computer viruses, from what types of viruses exist, to how they are created and distributed, with a final chapter on how to protect your systems against viruses... Read More

  9. One Virus Engine Is Not Enough: The Case for Maximizing Network Protection with Multiple Anti-Virus Scanners

    This paper studies a number of anti-virus engine tests which reveal that each virus scanner presents its own strengths and weaknesses. As no single anti-virus engine can fully protect against all possible threats, this paper examines how simultaneous use of more than one virus engine can achieve greater security than is technically possible when relying on one anti-virus engine alone... Read More

  10. Email security

    This white paper provides useful background information on email security issues. It will help you examine the security threats facing your corporate email system and determine what kind of email security solution your company needs... Read More

  11. Protecting your network against email threats: How to block email viruses and attacks

    This white paper describes various methods used by email viruses and worms to penetrate a protected network. Such methods include attachment files containing harmful code, social engineering attacks, crafted MIME headers, malicious use of HTML Script and similar technologies. A URL is provided where you can test whether your email system is vulnerable to threats like these. This document also... Read More

  12. Why You Need an Email Exploit Detection Engine: Networks Must Supplement Anti-Virus Protection for Maximum Security

    Virus-writers are using increasingly complex and sophisticated techniques in their bid to circumvent anti-virus software and disseminate their viruses. Email security tools must evolve in the same way if such threats are to be blocked before they can cause harm. This paper examines how anti-virus software, though essential, cannot combat such threats and shows why an email exploit detection tool... Read More