Last Updated on 24 Jan. 2013, Total: 3 White Papers

  1. The Vishing Guide

    Vishing is a relatively new term used to describe voice + phishing. It is basically an exploitation on VoIP (Voice over IP), used to socially engineer the victim into providing personal information often used for Identity Theft or to gain access to their financial accounts... Read More

  2. Phishing: An Interesting Twist On A Common Scam

    Imagine you are the CIO of a national financial institution and you've recently deployed a state of the art online transaction service for your customers. To make sure your company's network perimeter is secure, you executed two external security assessments and penetration tests. When the final report came in, your company was given a clean bill of health. At first,... Read More

  3. The Phishing Guide - Understanding & Preventing Phishing Attacks

    Phishing is the new 21st Century Crime. Organizations and their customers constantly fall prey to "Phishing Schemes". While Phishers develop evermore sophisticated attacks, network administrators, and their customers grow wary of system security and the official looking requests that mimic official business requests. This paper covers the technologies and security flaws Phishers exploit to conduct their attacks and steal your... Read More