Network Security

Last Updated on 19 July 2013, Total: 33 White Papers

  1. Who's Really Attacking Your ICS Equipment?

    '....this research paper illustrates who's really attacking Internet-facing ICS/SCADA systems and why. It also covers techniques to secure ICS/SCADA systems and some best practices to do so.....'... Read More

  2. Network Security Policy: Best Practices White Paper

    Without a security policy, the availability of your network can be compromised. The policy begins with assessing the risk to the network and building a team to respond... Read More

  3. VirtSec: Protecting Virtual Infrastructures

    This white paper will examine the challenges associated with securing a virtualized infrastructure... Read More

  4. AVG: Protecting you from Web-borne threats

    This paper explains how AVG Technologies products reduce the risk of web-borne threats by providing real-time protection against existing and emerging threats... Read More

  5. Extending Enterprise Security Beyond the Perimeter

    This white paper will examine the risks associated with deperimeterization and explain which solutions can be used to mitigate such risks without impacting user productivity... Read More

  6. Blissfully Aiding and Abetting Hacker

    A case study of a recent hack against university computers, describing the need to harden computers and other prevention techniques... Read More

  7. Preparing for Security Event Management

    How to mitigate some of the risks and reduce the costs associated with implementation of Security Event Management systems... Read More

  8. Targeted Cyber Attacks

    The dangers faced by your corporate network... Read More

  9. Best Practices for Security Incident Response

    Are you prepared to make the best decisions and responses to security incidents in your business?... Read More

  10. The Threat Posed by Portable Storage Devices

    This white paper examines the nature of the threat that portable storage devices present and the counter-measures that organizations can adopt to eliminate them... Read More