Privileged Account Discovery for UNIX

Last Updated on 31 May 2016, Company: Thycotic

Thycotic's Privileged Accounts Discovery for UNIX provides detailed reports for all Unix and Linux privileged accounts throughout an enterprise at a singular moment – enabling businesses to view the vulnerability of its privileged passwords as a first step towards security compliance and control.

Privileged Accounts Discovery for UNIX creates an executive summary PDF report that highlights Unix and Linux privileged account password health and shows how many are expired. The solution also tracks virtual machines running on hypervisors, without generating large amounts of network traffic or locking out accounts. Privileged Account Discovery for UNIX's key features include:

-Simplicity - Just run once per IP address range and the Privileged Account Discovery tool does the rest. It generates executive ready reports and a spreadsheet inventory of the accounts it found for the IT team.

-Privacy - No privileged passwords are ever reverse engineered or discovered by the tool. The executive summary aggregates data and only account names are shown in the inventory. Once reports are generated and the tool is closed, no sensitive information is stored or ever reported back to Thycotic.

-Co-Branding - Partners or solution providers in the security industry can leverage this tool as part of a risk assessment offering for customers. Add a logo and company name and provide a valuable privileged account report that introduces or enhances capabilities to customers.

-Usable Data - Thycotic Privileged Account Discovery for Unix provides data that can be used right away. Reports for the executive team and lists of where privileged accounts are used for security and IT administrators.

-Security - Find passwords that have never been changed or violate company's security or compliance policies. Find the vulnerable passwords and backdoor accounts before the attackers do.

-Import - The CSV report produced is importable into Secret Server Privileged Account Management solution.

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