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Last Updated on 1 Aug. 2016, Total: 20 Products

A frequently updated list of useful free utilities for network security professionals and administrators.

  1. Featured

    Netwrix Change Notifier for Active Directory (Freeware)

    Provides visibility into what’s happening inside your Active Directory by tracking changes to AD users, group membership, organizational units and permissions. Daily reports detail every change made during the last 24 hours, including the before and after values. 100% Free Tool... Read More

  2. SpyStudio

    SpyStudio shows and interprets calls, displaying the results in a structured way which is easy. SpyStudio can show registry keys and files that an application uses, COM objects and Windows the application has created, and errors and exceptions. When tracking down an application error. Compare Traces SpyStudio can compare a trace of a working application with the trace of the... Read More

  3. Stellar Phoenix Free data Recovery

    Stellar Phoenix free data recovery software is a complete solution to recover lost data from your hard disks, removable drives, and CDs or DVDs. In addition, It also recovers data from email programs as well... Read More

  4. Privileged Account Discovery for UNIX

    Thycotic's Privileged Accounts Discovery for UNIX provides detailed reports for all Unix and Linux privileged accounts throughout an enterprise at a singular moment – enabling businesses to view the vulnerability of its privileged passwords as a first step towards security compliance and control. Privileged Accounts Discovery for UNIX creates an executive summary PDF report that highlights Unix and Linux privileged... Read More

  5. Privileged Accounts Discovery for Windows

    Privileged accounts are often overlooked by security and IT teams. Administrators manage user accounts with Active Directory policies, but rarely change or review local Windows and service accounts. Thycotic's Privileged Accounts Discovery for Windows summarizes the health and risk of these accounts by analyzing passwords to determine if they have been changed and whether or not they have been set... Read More

  6. Secret Server Free

    Thycotic's Secret Server Free is a no-cost version of the company's fundamental security layer which protects against cyber-attacks that target privileged accounts to obtain an organizations most critical information assets. Privileged accounts exist on nearly every aspect of the business network and are considered the 'keys to the IT kingdom.' If compromised, these accounts can provide an external attacker or... Read More

  7. Netwrix Change Notifier for File Server

    Strengthens the security of your Windows-based file servers by tracking all changes to file and share permissions (including the before and after values), identifying deleted and newly created files, and logging all file access attempts... Read More

  8. LUCY

    To find the weakest security link in your organization, you need to think like a hacker. Thanks to LUCY, you can now measure and improve awareness towards phishing, malware and drive-by attacks by launching your own realistic security campaigns. LUCY can emulate cyber attacks in your own network or in the cloud... Read More

  9. ObserveIT

    Record and Replay all remote user sessions on your network servers. Any remote access or console session is searchable and ready for playback! Protocol-agnostic: ObserveIT records Terminal Server, Citrix, Remote Desktop, SSH, VMware and more. ObserveIT makes easy work out of security audits by generating video and text logs for everything that happens on your servers. (Even for apps that... Read More

  10. Netwrix Change Notifier for Windows Server (Freeware)

    Alerts you about changes made to your Windows Server configurations, including installed software and hardware, local security settings, and registry settings. It sends change summary reports listing changes made in the last 24 hours with “before” and “after’’ values... Read More