SpectorSoft Log Manager

Last Updated on 25 Jan. 2016, Company: SpectorSoft

SpectorSoft Log Manager provides event log management plus network and application security monitoring. It's the right product at the right price. Reviewing event logs is a daunting task. Wading through unwieldy amounts of data to isolate issues requires time and effort that can be better used elsewhere. Log Manager provides robust Security and Event Log Management for Windows, Unix, switches, routers, hubs and more. Consolidate all of your event logs in one place, then use data filters and multi-level criteria to create powerful reporting options.

Explore the robust features Log Manager has to offer: Event Log Management. Monitor, consolidate, archive, audit and report on logs in real-time from Windows server event logs, Syslogs and text files. Security Event Monitoring. Quickly identify security issues with turnkey account and logon report.

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