Event Log Monitoring

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Event Log Monitoring

  1. Colasoft Capsa - Expert Packet Sniffer

    Expert packet sniffer designed for packet decoding and network diagnosis, Colasoft Capsa monitors the network traffic transmitted over a local host and a local network, helping network administrators troubleshoot network problems. With the ability of real time packet capture and accurate data analysis, Colasoft Capsa makes your network transparent before you, letting you fix any network trouble... Read More

  2. WinReporter

    WinReporter is an agentless reporting solution that allows you to perform hardware and software inventories, security audits and event log monitoring. WinReporter collects information about hardware, software, events, services, printers, shares, permissions, user accounts, etc. The ready-to-use reports can be customized, printed, exported, or automatically generated and sent to selected recipients at the frequency of your choice. WinReporter also stores... Read More

  3. ServScan

    Omnitrend's ServScan is an application for monitoring the status of Exchange Servers, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows NT computers… both servers and workstations. It is a service that remotely monitors Event Logs, alerting administrators to specific errors and events. Alerting methods include Email, Pager, Text Messaging to Cellular Phone, and Network Messaging. Alerting “devices” may be grouped so that... Read More

  4. SECnology

    An Event Management Software that enables the user to detect, collect, monitor and respond to events occurring in a security environment. Supervise ongoing processes, visualize your security environment for better visibility of processes, apply filters to your logs, design reports in two clicks, automate aggregation, merging and unzipping of your logs. Supports all kinds of log formats, including logs of... Read More

  5. MonitorWare Agent

    MonitorWare Agent is the one-stop Windows log consolidator and real-time alerter. Monitors all vital system functions like event logs, text files (IIS log files!), incoming syslog or active ping probes. Gathered data can be forwarded to a syslog server, mail recipient or stored in a central database of text file. Additional options and very flexible filters included... Read More

  6. Trustwave SIEM Operations Edition

    Trustwave SIEM Operations Edition (OE) is event management software for the enterprise - scalable, flexible and easily integrated with the enterprise infrastructure. SIEM OE automatically transforms logs into security events and prioritizes high risk events, providing actionable alerts to help businesses stay secure and compliant... Read More

  7. Datagram Syslogserver Suite

    Datagram SyslogServer is a Syslog server for the enterprise environment. SyslogAgent sends Event Logs and application logs to the server in Syslog format. Clients can analyze and inspect the logs with aid of quickfilters. Alarms, with advanced filters, can also be defined. All filters use modifiable SQL queries... Read More

  8. Quest InTrust

    InTrust securely collects, stores, reports and alerts on event data from Windows, Unix & Linux systems, helping you comply with external regulations, internal policies, and security best practices. InTrust helps organizations achieve regulatory compliance by auditing access to critical systems and detecting inappropriate or suspicious access-related events. With this tool, you can collect, analyze, report, and generate automated real-time alerts... Read More