Endpoint Security

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Endpoint Security

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    GFI EndPointSecurity

    GFI EndPointSecurity lets you control entry and exit of data via portable storage devices, allowing you to prevent users from taking confidential data or introducing viruses and trojans to your network. GFI EndPointSecurity allows you to actively manage user access to media players (including iPod and Creative Zen), USB sticks, memory cards and more. GFI EndPointSecurity allows administrators to actively... Read More

  2. Symantec Endpoint Protection

    Symantec Endpoint Protection is an endpoint security solution created through a layered approach to defense. With unique, layered technology, it detects and removes more malware than any other product in its class. Symantec Endpoint Protection goes beyond antivirus to deliver faster, more advanced protection against today’s sophisticated and targeted attacks. Protection layers include firewall, intrusion prevention and anti-virus in addition... Read More

  3. Heimdal PRO

    Heimdal PRO protects users against attacks that antivirus can’t block Heimdal PRO is a cyber threat protection suite that includes 3 layers of protection against ransomware, financial Trojans, data-stealing malware and other threats that antivirus can't detect. The difference between Heimdal PRO and antivirus: Reactive antivirus looks for files and actions, whereas Heimdal looks at traffic. Heimdal works proactively to... Read More

  4. AGAT ActiveSync Shield

    Most mobile email solutions focus on protecting the data stored on the mobile device through encryption strategies and containerization. Rather than focusing on device data protection,ActiveSync Shieldoffers a new approach that completely eliminates the need to store data on the device. ActiveSync Shield interacts directly with the ActiveSync protocol on the server side. This solution effectively controls who can synchronize... Read More

  5. Comodo Endpoint Security Manager

    Comodo's CESM platform provides an anti-malware suite that proactively protects your servers, workstations, laptops and netbooks, while offering advanced, real-time management and control over critical system resources. CESM further offers the administrator the ability to centrally manage endpoint system resources. The administrator can define operational thresholds for CPU usage, RAM usage, network usage and system-drive available storage. Should the thresholds... Read More

  6. Winfrasoft VPN-Q 2010

    VPN-Q 2010 is a multi-layer remote access gateway solution which implements real-world security principles by layering strong authentication, health state checking, quarantine control, network access controls and protocol filtering in a single solution. Costs are kept low as there is no need up upgrade network equipment, server Operating Systems or Windows client version.VPN-Q 2010 uses a lightweight client that leverages... Read More

  7. Wave Protector

    Protector enforces your security strategy. It blocks users from connecting to unauthorized devices or using unauthorized interfaces (including those scary portable hot spots). And when the action is authorized, it enforces encryption, automatically guiding the user through the right steps... Read More

  8. VIPRE Business Premium

    Combining a small-footprint antivirus with integrated patch management and Mobile Device Management (MDM), VIPRE Business Premium helps you take charge of your endpoint security. Our premier business antivirus protection addresses the #1 threat businesses of all sizes face today – unpatched software – and the biggest disruption to the enterprise IT landscape in more than a decade: the proliferation of... Read More

  9. AccessPatrol

    This product enables you to restrict access to USB, CD and floppy drives from a central console and therefore protect your company from external threats such as viruses as well as protecting your existing data. The software also enables you to remotely shut-down or boot computers through a power management utility. This can be individual workstations or groups of computers,... Read More

  10. Panda Cloud Office Protection

    Panda Cloud Office Protection is an SaaS service for PCs, laptops and file servers. Panda Cloud Office Protection provides SaaS security for your endpoints, proactive antimalware protection connected to Collective Intelligence in real time, personal firewall (centrally or locally managed), device control, web-based management, and more... Read More

  11. DeviceLock

    The data you are striving to protect behind firewalls and passwords is likely still slipping through your fingers. Data leaks can be initiated by either unwitting employees or users with malicious intent copying proprietary or sensitive information from their PCs to flash memory sticks, smartphones, cameras, PDA's, DVD/CDROMs, or other convenient forms of portable storage. Or, leaks may spring from... Read More

  12. Wave Auditor

    Auditor is a lightweight, intuitive, clientless software utility that illuminates enterprise endpoint blind spots – providing organizations with the visibility they need to identify and effectively manage endpoint vulnerabilities. With Auditor, administrators can differentiate between secure productivity enhancers, such as authentication tokens, and potential security threats, such as mass-storage MP3 players. Auditor also tracks which WiFi networks employees are connecting... Read More

  13. CopyNotify! Data Security Software

    USB CopyNotify! is a software utility that notifies you when a USB Stick is being used on one of the PCs on the network. This security utility prevents the unauthorized usage of USB Sticks/Drives on your network... Read More