Email Encryption

Last Updated on 12 Feb. 2014, Total: 14 Products

Email encryption

  1. ZixCorp Email Encryption Services

    ZixCorp email encryption services focus on both the sender and receiver experience. If recipients have ZixGateway, emails are automatically decrypted at the perimeter of the network, and emails are received transparently, without the need for passwords or extra steps. They receive encrypted email just like any other email. For recipients that do not have email encryption services, ZixCorp provides secure,... Read More

  2. Trend Micro™ Encryption

    Trend Micro offers both gateway policy- and client-based encryption. Trend Micro Encryption for Email Gateway automatically protects sensitive content with no end user involvement, while Trend Micro Encryption for Email Client plugs into Microsoft® Outlook® for user-designated encryption of specific emails. For businesses looking to move their messaging security into the cloud, Hosted Email Encryption is an add-on service to... Read More

  3. MilsMail

    MilsMail provides MS Outlook users with the means to protect their e-mails against all threats - through encryption, authentication and access control. Realized as a security plug-in for MS Outlook, MilsMail allows you to work in your familiar e-mail environment while protecting your e-mails at the highest security level. MilsMail can be installed on any Windows personal computer with MS... Read More

  4. Secure Hive

    Secure Hive is a tool for secure archiving and sharing of files. It enables you to create encrypted archives and self-extracting .exe files for secure storage and file sharing. It also includes a means of encrypting parts of, or entire, documents, email messages, etc. Secure Hive offers the enterprise a method of: Securing sensitive documents; Protecting information during transfer; Securing... Read More