Last Updated on 29 April 2005, Company: CalaCode

@Mail is an Email solution that allows users to access email-resources via the web or a variety of wireless devices. The software incorporates a complete email-server package to manage and host user email at your domain(s). Set up a complete turn-key WebMail and Email-Server solution for your School, Portal, ISP or Company. The software supports a wide range of Unix and Windows platforms. Including a WebMail interface, SMTP and POP3 server, optional SQL DB backend, Spell-check, customizable interface and Webadmin backend. Full source-code included.

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  1. Jason Wed, 22 Dec. 2004 01:00

    Price is a little misleading....

    $200 looks like a very nice entry price and yes the product is very robust .... however, the server starts at $300 - add users on a per $ / user basis (i.e. say $2 per user if only at 100 users) add in multidomain support (more than 1, say 4) add POP3/IMAP and you get $800 before it is delivered.


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