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Don Parker is lead analyst, and technical trainer at Bridon Security & Training Services located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He has worked for SANS in the capacity of Local Mentor for the Intrusion Detection In-Depth track, and has enjoyed speaking at various security conferences, as a guest speaker. Being a widely published author he continues to write for various online, and print media like Securityfocus, and SCMagazine in an effort to share knowledge. Don also does technical book editing for various publishers, and enjoys teaching various custom courses for clients. Rounding out his activites he volunteers his time to various local efforts.

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  1. VPN's and fragmentation

    Well I would imagine most of you have Virtual Private Network’s (VPN) on your corporate network. That plus the use of an IDS can potentially give you problems, as often the use of VPN’s will result in fragmented traffic. Had that very problem occur to me a couple of years ago, and the end result was some really bizarre fragmented... Read More

  2. 2007 e-Crime Survey

    2007 e-Crime Watch Survey and the 5th Annual Global State of Information Security Awareness of information security and identity theft issues is at an all-time high, but overall security isn’t improving. Even with increased IT spending, security specialists are recognizing that the amount they don’t know is rapidly growing. The explosion of stealthy threats from bots, Trojans and rootkits continues... Read More

  3. More Microsoft patching

    A good number of you are likely aware that Microsoft just issued another series of patches recently. I’m curious though to know if any of you have seen any activity that used these exploit vectors? Personally, I have not seen any such activity. It is always interesting to see just how widely exploited some of these vulnerabilities are prior to... Read More

  4. ISP Abuse departments

    Well I have always known that ISP abuse departments are generally very lame. They never seem to bother returning any darn email that you send them. I recently had the need to try and find out what the heck an intermittent connection was doing. It was easily resolved the ISP but when I tried to surf to that IP address... Read More

  5. Software baselines

    As attackers continue to target software packages such as Quicktime, amongst others, it makes one wonder if more companies should not clamp down on their software baseline installs. While Microsoft has steadily improved the security of their operating systems it only makes sense then for hackers to shift their focus. This is where having a sane software baseline is very... Read More

  6. Symantec purchases yet another company

    If you ask me the trend of the last few years, which has seen a tremendous amount of consolidation in the computer security industry, is not really a good thing. Now Symantec has bought out another company in order to round out its product offerings. It is not often that you will see large companies being at the forefront of... Read More

  7. Improving cybersecurity?

    It was with some amusement that I read the following. I don’t know why they need a whole task-force composed of experts to come up with a strategy to better safeguard their cyber assets. Much as we all know, it all comes down to implementing standard procedures. The key though is in making sure the foot-soldiers ie: the sys admin’s... Read More

  8. Adobe PDF exploit

    Most of you have likely heard about the recent surge in the use of the Adobe PDF exploit. Personally, I have received a few emails containing it but I was not able to actually look at the attachment. It was too late, as my provider had caught it. Kind of a bummer as I wanted to crack it open in... Read More

  9. Spyware equals $$$

    Well, if there was ever a doubt that spyware is big business give the following a read. I seriously doubt anyone will shed a tear now that the company has shut its doors. It is hard to comprehend though just how spyware can be so lucrative. That said, when you have millions of computers at your disposal, so to speak,... Read More

  10. Identity theft

    I just read this piece on identity theft. So it then came as a funny coincidence that my insurance policy came to me in the mail. Part of my policy gives me coverage for identity theft. A whopping $10,000.00 is what I am covered for. There is little doubt that identity theft is a real problem. Question is though, just... Read More