Viruses, trojans and other malware

Last Updated on 11 Jan. 2017, Total: 39 Articles and Tutorials

  1. Building a Malware Analysis Lab

    In this article I am going to discuss some of the things that need to be taken into consideration when building a malware analysis lab... Read More

  2. Hunt Down and Kill Malware with Sysinternals Tools (Part 1)

    This article is part one of a two-part series on using Sysinternals tools to manually detect and clean malware from a Windows system... Read More

  3. Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 - Is Microsoft Anti-virus Good Enough

    Should you consider FEP in your organization or does it still need more time "in the oven" before it's ready for prime time?... Read More

  4. Prepare for MPACK

    Insight into a new high tech attack that is running around the Internet also known as MPACK... Read More

  5. Binders and Malware (Part 4)

    Taking a look under the hood of our newly created malware... Read More

  6. Binders and Malware (Part 3)

    Binding malware specimen to Pong.exe with the binder YAB... Read More

  7. Binders and Malware (Part 2)

    Malware binder YAB - how to bind various parts together... Read More

  8. Binders and Malware (Part 1)

    How malware authors bind the malware to legitimate files... Read More

  9. Shells for Sale! (Part 3)

    We have seen over the past two articles, both the planning and the first steps taken in a practice hack, for the purpose of accumulating exploited computers. In this final part we will see the conclusion of what a semi-skilled hack would look like. Lastly, we will also see how our hacker John, is also quickly caught trying to sell... Read More

  10. Shells for Sale! (Part 2)

    With the groundwork having been laid out in part one of this article series, we now move on to the actual execution of the hack. This though is a hack with a slightly higher degree of skill involved. Read on to find out more... Read More