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Last Updated on 19 April 2017, Total: 247 Articles and Tutorials

  1. Application Security Redux: It’s All about the Apps (Part 3)

    In this Part 3 we’ll discuss how you can block undesirable applications and restrict what users are able to do with the apps that you do allow them to use... Read More

  2. Application Security Redux: It’s All about the Apps (Part 2)

    In this Part 2, we’re going to start with a look at how to protect applications from tampering or access and also take a closer look at the special case of mobile applications... Read More

  3. Prioritise your Security Controls - Protect, Detect and Remediate (Part 2)

    This article will focus on the further requirement for detection and remediation once an attack has occurred... Read More

  4. Application Security Redux: It’s All about the Apps (Part 1)

    In this article series, we'll begin with a broad overview of application security, how it's evolved, and why it's so important. Then we'll get more specific and talk about the components of an application security plan and different ways to accomplish the goals that you set... Read More

  5. Prioritise your Security Controls - Protect, Detect and Remediate (Part 1)

    In this article we consider the need for prioritisation of security controls, with brief consideration to the occurrences of 10 major incidences, placing emphasis on prevention and protection... Read More

  6. Defence in Depth - is it Always Best Practice

    Microsoft continues to improve their security tools. However, it is recommended that no matter how positively the security tools stand up to competitive third party tools that opting for the latter, in addition, for further security remains the right choice. Is adoption of the Defence-in-Depth approach always best practice?... Read More

  7. The Risk of Running Obsolete Software (Part 2)

    In this, Part 2, we’re going to take up the topic of why – despite all these security consequences – people and businesses are still clinging to the past and continuing to use software that’s way past its prime... Read More

  8. The Risk of Running Obsolete Software (Part 1)

    This article looks at how the software support lifecycle works, some of the reasons that businesses and home users get stuck on decades-old software, why old versions of popular software are like an open invitation to attackers, and how you can mitigate some of the risks if you absolutely must put off upgrading... Read More

  9. IoT: the Threats Keep on Coming (Part 4)

    In Part 4, we’ll dig a little deeper the specific security measures that are applicable and how they can be combined in a multi-layered approach that will take some of the vulnerability “bite” out of IoT... Read More

  10. Spear Phishing or Whaling Scams Continue to Lure Organisations

    In this article we will consider spear phishing techniques and the precautionary security measures organisations can take to aid them from falling victim to scams such as these... Read More