Intrusion Detection

Last Updated on 5 March 2014, Total: 29 Articles and Tutorials

  1. Developing an Information Security and Risk Management Strategy (Part 2)

    In this article we will focus on elements that will help develop a comprehensive security strategy for your organisation... Read More

  2. Developing an Information Security and Risk Management Strategy (Part 1)

    In this two part article we will look at planning a security strategy suitable for the long-term, focusing on the future of security and risk management practices... Read More

  3. Operating System Fingerprinting with Packets (Part 1)

    In this article series I will describe active and passive OS fingerprinting, the concepts that make them plausible, and go through some examples of how to do this in a manual and automated fashion... Read More

  4. Network Inspection System Enhances Security for Microsoft Security Essentials and the TMG Firewall

    This article discusses network traffic inspection, specifically Microsoft’s Network Inspection System (NIS) that is now found in both TMG firewall and Microsoft Security Essentials. NIS provides an exceptional level of security for networks that contain Windows servers and client systems... Read More

  5. Collecting Threat Intelligence (Part 2)

    This article deals with the available resources that help us take informed decisions about unknown systems that are communicating with our network... Read More

  6. Collecting Threat Intelligence (Part 1)

    This two-part article discusses techniques for collecting publicly available information on obscure IP addresses and domain names that pop up anomalously on your network... Read More

  7. Packet fragmentation versus the Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Part 2

    More advanced fragrouter options to attempt IDS evasion... Read More

  8. Packet fragmentation versus the Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Part 1

    Packet fragmentation and how it can affect the IDS... Read More

  9. Tools of the Trade revisited (Part 3)

    A look at how Snort views a tool called Cain & Abel... Read More

  10. Tools of the Trade revisited (Part 2)

    The first part of this article series looked at how an IDS could possibly detect certain security tools. Covered was a packet sniffer and network scanner. This article continues with the analysis... Read More