Web Application Security

Last Updated on 16 Nov. 2016, Total: 19 Articles and Tutorials

How to secure web applications

  1. Sharepoint Data Security Risks

    The challenges of securing data on Microsoft SharePoint sites, lists, pages and the information made available through data-links to backend systems (through BDC and manually created data-links)... Read More

  2. Microsoft Live Mesh: What are the Security Implications?

    The security implications of cloud computing in general and Live Mesh in particular, and what mechanisms Microsoft has built in to protect your "meshed" devices and data... Read More

  3. Web Application Hacking vs the IDS

    The world of web application hacking is an enormous one, and also one that is constantly changing. Just how well does your IDS fare against it?... Read More

  4. Cross Site Scripting – The Underestimated Exploit

    Understanding and preventing Cross Site Scripting... Read More

  5. Microsoft UK Events Website Hacked

    A detailed analysis how the website was hacked and how it could have been avoided... Read More

  6. The Payment Card Industry Compliance - Securing both Merchant and Customer data

    A look at the Payment Card Industry Compliance and its consequences for online merchants... Read More

  7. Is your website hackable? Why you need to worry

    Prominent hacking episodes of December 2006 and much needed statistics on web application hacking... Read More

  8. The True Nature of Web Application Security: The Role and Function of Black Box Scanners

    A holistic view of the security infrastructure of any organization and web application security... Read More

  9. Web Applications: What are they? What about them?

    A layman's understanding to web application function and related security issues... Read More