Cloud Computing

Last Updated on 10 Aug. 2016, Total: 27 Articles and Tutorials

  1. Security Considerations for Cloud Computing (Part 1) - Virtualization Platform

    This article looks at some of the security issues related to virtualization in the cloud... Read More

  2. Out of band remote control of devices, MDM and AMT what the future holds

    In this article the author will cover two emerging technologies for managing and securing devices - MDM and AMT. MDM in the mobile device market and AMT for the Intel based desktop PC’s on the LAN... Read More

  3. Microsoft Private Cloud - Overview of Hypervisor Security

    In this article we'll take a look at the differences between a traditional data center and the private cloud... Read More

  4. The future of computer and mobile security

    This article will take you through the mobile device management journey and how the holy grail of central device management is quickly being reinvented to ensure that your data, device and resources are safe... Read More

  5. Security Considerations for the Private Cloud \\IaaS (Part 1)

    In this article, we will examine the different types of cloud service models and delivery models... Read More

  6. Security Considerations for Infrastructure as a Service Cloud Computing Model

    This article takes a look at the requirements for a cloud computing solution... Read More

  7. Cloud computing, can we trust it and how can it be used whilst being secure

    In order to make an informed decision on using cloud computing, one should look carefully at the advantages of using the cloud and the disadvantages, being the security risks it might entail. Do the risks outweigh the benefits or vice versa?... Read More