Cloud Computing

Last Updated on 10 Aug. 2016, Total: 27 Articles and Tutorials

  1. Security visibility in the cloud

    In this article, we’ll provide an overview of how Microsoft and Amazon are giving customers more visibility into and control over cloud security resources... Read More

  2. Azure Security Infrastructure

    This article provides you an inside look into the Network Security chapter in the upcoming book – Azure Security Infrastructure... Read More

  3. AWS IoT

    This article serves as a brief introduction to the platform addition to AWS, AWS IoT... Read More

  4. The Risk of Running Obsolete Software (Part 4)

    In this Part 4, we’re going to look at some use case scenarios and the important real life consequences that can come with continuing to use specific outdated technologies in the work place... Read More

  5. The Risk of Running Obsolete Software (Part 3)

    In this article we take a closer look at the software support lifecycle that is published by most major operating system and application vendors, and delve specifically into Microsoft’s support lifecycle policy and some of the particulars there of which you need to be aware... Read More

  6. Focal Points for Managing Access to your AWS Management Console

    A secure AWS Management Console means secure data and applications. In this article we will consider a few fundamental areas which will assist in ensuring your management console is better secured... Read More

  7. Active Directory in the Cloud (Part 2)

    In this, Part 2, we will go into more detail about how Azure AD works, how to implement it in business scenarios and how Windows 10 will integrate with it... Read More

  8. Active Directory in the Cloud (Part 1)

    In this two-part article, we’re going to take a look at directory services in general and Azure AD in particular, along with what Windows 10 will bring to the table... Read More

  9. An Inside look at avoiding cloud risks

    In this article the author will cover recent events that have exposed millions of users due to lack of planning and contingency... Read More

  10. Cloud Backup, is it ready?

    In this article the author discusses why organizations move to the cloud and what security measures are required for safe cloud computing... Read More