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Latest Articles and Tutorials

  • V2V Communications security considerations 10 May 2017 Monique Magalhaes

    The future of vehicles, road infrastructure and driving are changing. We are progressing with vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communications and growth of these technologies can be attributed to the many benefits that they may provide both drivers and the community as a whole.

  • Where to (and not to) focus your security efforts 19 April 2017 Monique Magalhaes

    20 years ago we approached IT and security quite differently compared to how it is done (or should be done) today. Most organisations had their data centres onsite, housing servers where they kept everything locked away behind a firewall.

  • Product Review: UserLock 15 March 2017 Ricky M. Magalhaes

    UserLock is a product that works alongside Active Directory to protect and enhance access to Windows systems (laptops Desktops and Servers).

  • Mirai may be coming to a Windows machine near you 8 March 2017 Monique Magalhaes

    The Mirai botnet has been the cause of many notorious DDoS attacks of late, denying access to popular services including Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and Netflix to name a few. The IoT based botnet is now going a step further and is utilising Windows hosts to facilitate attacks

  • GDPR: Data Protection Impact Assessment 15 Feb. 2017 Monique Magalhaes

    Since the last data protection directive (EU) of 1995, the way in which data is processed has evolved drastically. Up until more recently individual’s rights have not been at the forefront of concern when their data is processed and there has been a divide between individual’s rights for protection and the implementation of new technologies. Moreover, the expansion of technology advancements has resulted in data processing becoming more automated. The enforcement of GDPR focuses the protection of individual’s rights and attempts to bridge this divide that has been apparent for some time. One of many parts of the GDPR is the requirement to carry out a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA).